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I aim to create an inclusive class and a flowing practice to work through any accumulated tension while encouraging students to be present in the moment. An emphasis on moving with the breath including moments of meditation, play and challenge to leave the students feeling bold, balanced and refreshed.

I started practicing yoga when I was a 15, but it really became an integral part of my life when I moved to the big city. I realised how I could trust my practice to ground me and help me find some calm in the chaos. Yoga has enriched my life not only from a fitness perspective, but also in developing my mental strength, and helping me to be content. 


I realised I wanted to share the benefits of yoga and to spread the feeling of wellbeing to others and so I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in 2016 with Sally Parkes. Since then I have studied Yin yoga and also completed 85hr Pregnancy yoga teacher training with Sally Parkes. 


My weekly class schedule - all classes have moved online. 

To book your place, click the links below or email me.



5.45-6.45pm - Evening Unwind

Relax and decompress from your day with this class to help you unwind. Moving mindfully with some longer holds, gentle twists, shoulder and hip openers and balancing sequences. Find ease in the body and let go of the day.


6.00 - 7.00pm - Vinyasa Flow

Moving and flowing to release tension from the back and shoulders with balances to focus your mind and twists to rinse it all out. Helping you reset at the end of your day.



9.15-10.15am - Weekend Gratitude Morning Yoga

Savouring the quiet at the start of the weekend. Finding time to be with yourself in your body and turn inwards. Building to a stronger rhythmic flow to wake you up and leave you feeling refreshed and energised.


8.00 -9.15pm - Winter Solstice Slow Flow and Yoga Nidra

A one-off 75 minute class on the Winter Solstice to round off the year together before we start up again in January. 


Often December can be a month that we rush through, spending our spare moments picking up items from our shopping lists and generously giving our time and energy to others. Of course, being generous with those we love is great for our wellbeing, it makes us happy, but wouldn’t it be sublime to pause and take an hour to radiate some energy back to yourself?


This class will provide time for you to move slowly, nourish your essence, recover from an unusual year and set you up to take on the forthcoming festivities. We will breathe together and enjoy some gentle flow yoga followed by a dreamy yoga nidra. 


If you aren’t familiar with yoga nidra, it is a guided meditation, taken lying down, bringing you to a state of consciousness between waking and sleep, a state of being where deep relaxation can take place. It is said that 20 minutes of yoga nidra feels like 1hr 30 mins of sleep. This is an opportunity for you to fully indulge in the yoga at home environment, comfy clothes, cosy socks, blankets, cushions are encouraged as are scented candles to bring some light and hygge into the shortest day of the year.


Yahoo UK Lessons - Anti-Desk Yoga

During COVID-19 lockdown, I worked with Yahoo UK to create a series of 10 minute simple anti-desk yoga sequences. Class is designed to do at your desk, using your chair; you can even fit it in on your lunch break! No special equipment or props are required. The classes focus on relieving tension from the neck and shoulders. Classes were initially broadcast live, but you can find a selection of them  on Yahoo UK's YouTube Channel or on my IGTV


Yoga in the office focuses on unwinding the shoulders and opening the hips for those who spend most of the day sitting at a desk. These classes are suitable for yogis of all abilities whether it's your first class or you're a seasoned practitioner. I offer pose variations and modifications to help the student tailor the practice to their needs.


The class will work through tensions leaving you more at ease in your body and use breathing techniques to help you relax both physically and mentally. If you would like to offer your employees the benefits of yoga in the office, email me.


I offer private classes which can be taken in your own home or in a hired space. These classes will be tailored to you so you can choose to focus on a particular area of the body or to work towards a goal you have set. Private classes can also be great if you are pregnant, if you have had an injury, if you would like a 1:1 session or if you would like a smaller group session with friends. 

Email me, if you would like to discuss scheduling a private class. 





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